Abingdon & Oxford area

monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday
pilates 9.15-10.20 studio/clinic 5A 9.00-5.30 pilates/yoga - challenging 8.45-9.45 pilates 8.15 - 9.20am studio/clinic 5A 8.30 - 1.30
pilates 10.30-11.35 pilates 9.25 - 10.30am
studio/clinic 5A 10.30-4 pilates 10.40- 11.45am
studio / clinic 5A 1pm-6pm
pilates - yoga fusion 7.00 - 8.15pm

Classes have a maximum of 10 in Marcham but usually run in the region of 6-8. All equipment is provided but you are most welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Classes will vary in their content and level of physical challenge but will always invite you to keep developing your ability to be mindful or 'present' in your movement , posture and exercise. It is at this deeply fundamental level that I feel the biggest shifts in strength and flexibility can be attained.

Both Pilates and Yoga represent mind-body styles of movement, as such they invite you to become present in the body and mindful of your movement. Most of us tend to hold unnecessary tension in our bodies, this tension over time can create imbalanced forces on our joints creating joint and postural issues resulting in pain and restriction. By taking the time to observe how we support ourselves from our connection to the ground through our bodies we can learn to align our bodies more efficiently thereby reducing tension and the adverse effects it has on the body.
A mindful approach will also invite us to notice our breath. Becoming more in tune with our breathing habits will not only help reduce muscular tension and mental anxiety but also encourage better oxygenation of the body improving fitness and endurance.

Classes are run and paid for termly at a rate of £9 per class, ( missed classes can be caught up within the same term, spaces permitted, ad hoc attendence can be accepted in certain classes as cicumstances allow)
studio and bodywork sessions range from £30- £50 per hour.


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